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Patient education has always been Dr. Hall’s passion, and Medichat aims to provide credible, up to date information on matters of general medical interest in a clear simple language.

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Dr. Anna Hall

Dr Anna Hall completed her schooling at Springfiel...

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Latest News

  • INFLAMMATION – KNOW YOUR ENEMY The word “Inflammation” is used to describe the symptoms of heat, swelling, pain, redness and disturbed function that is found when the body tries to repair damage or fight infection. This reflects activity of the immune system, and the body’s ability to maintain healthy tissues. When your body detects an ...
  • Arthritis drug boosts effectiveness of anti-depressant medication The findings of an eight-week study were recently presented at the Fifth International Congress on Psychiatry and the Neurosciences in Athens, Greece. The study involved severely depressed bipolar patients who seemed resistant to treatment. It is known that chronic pain is associated with a degree of depression, and that adding certain anti-depressants to ...
  • MULTITASKING – DOES IT REALLY WORK? The pace of today’s life often means we have to multitask, but many studies show that this is not always desirable. Rock’s book “Your Brain at Work” summarises the findings of many studies over the years, which shows that if accuracy in any task is important, then your attention should ...
  • WHAT EXACTLY IS METABOLISM?   The word “metabolism” is mostly used these days when referring to weight management, and a “slow metabolism” is often blamed for inability to lose weight. Metabolism refers to all the body processes which convert the food you eat into the energy required to maintain life – for breathing, heartbeat, kidney function ...