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Patient education has always been Dr. Hall’s passion, and Medichat aims to provide credible, up to date information on matters of general medical interest in a clear simple language.

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Dr. Anna Hall

Dr Anna Hall completed her schooling at Springfiel...

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Latest News

  • WARFARIN & STATINS – caution STATINS & WARFARIN – advisory If you use either of these medications, please be aware that certain supplements, other drugs, and even some foods may interfere with their effectiveness. Statins are used to normalise cholesterol levels. There are several different types available under different trade names. The active ingredients most often prescribed ...
  • Prevent Cervical Cancer Doctor shows information on blackboard: family doctorHere is a notification that may be highly controversial. Would you want your daughter or son vaccinated? The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccination Campaign In order to protect girls from getting cervical cancer caused by Human Papilloma Virus, the Republic of South Africa has made a decision to conduct a national vaccination ...
  • MAMMOGRAMS AND HEART HEALTH Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women in the United States. There are many possible reasons for this, but two have been identified as relevant: (1) women do not experience the same ”classical” symptoms of heart disease as do men therefore their heart disease goes undiagnosed until too ...
  • Medical News – May 2015 Managing Hot Flashes Without Hormones Managing menopausal symptoms like hot flashes may be possible without taking hormones, but the evidence supporting most alternatives is weak, European researchers say. Several non HRT options were studied. For exercise alone, there was insufficient or conflicting evidence that it relieved hot flashes, but the researchers say it is ...