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Dr. Anna Hall

Dr Anna Hall completed her schooling at Springfiel...

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Medichat aims to provide credible, up to date information on matters of general medical interest. The information is aimed at providing patients with a better understanding of their condition, in clear simple language.

Many years of speaking with patients referred for surgery have made it very clear that patients are keen to learn more, but that their doctors usually do not have the time to devote to patient education in the course of their busy days of consulting or operating. As a result, many patients are only partly informed about their diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis. This means that the patient cannot fully participate in his managing his own condition, which leads to a less that optimal outcome.

Many patients are already using the internet to source medical facts. This is commendable, but patients cannot always assess the reliability of what is presented as fact. They cannot put their case into perspective, and have little or no interaction with the supplier of these facts.

Medichat aims to overcome these issues where possible. Conditions presented will be mainly those affecting South Africans, and the appropriate resources will be those available locally.

An interactive feature will allow for questions of a general nature to be posed: questions of interest and the answers will be posted on the site. Suggestions will also be welcome.
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