Our Noakes in the North group!

We’re about to begin our Tim Noakes-approved ‘Your Choice Lifestyle’ weight-loss support group at our rooms! Interested? Here’s what you need to know:

A low-glycemic diet can help you control your weight by minimizing spikes in your blood sugar and insulin levels. This is particularly important if you have type 2 diabetes or are at risk of developing it. Low-glycemic diets have also been linked to reduced risks for cancer, heart disease, and other conditions.

When digested, carbohydrates are converted into glucose. The extent and speed with which this happens for any foodstuff, is called its glycaemic index. Low glycaemic foods help minimise spikes in your blood glucose, and thus also in your insulin levels.

Help your body stay lean and healthy by limiting your overall carbohydrate intake – how much you need to limit it will depend on your body’s ability to deal efficiently with the glucose that your dietary carbohydrates generate. There are ways of determining this, including special blood tests.

But here are some general guidelines to get you started:
1. Limit your overall carbohydrate intake according to your specific needs
2. Specifically, avoid high GI carbs, such as starchy vegetables and processed foods or refined grains, sweets, some fruits
3. Eat more protein – and include it in every meal
4. Choose foods with healthy fats: include some animal fats, and exclude trans fats (as found in commercially produced fast foods and processed foods)
5. Try to eat a high protein breakfast with some good fats
6. Eat slowly and enjoy your food
7. Eat only when you are truly hungry and stop when you are full – you do NOT need to eat three meals a day plus snacks if you are not truly hungry. This is why we get fat!!!
8. Learn to separate true hunger from the munchies!!!

Find our more about the Banting/LCHF/Paleo/Atkins craze by ordering your copy of The Real Meal Revolution.

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